Rods & Spherical bearings

GMT-Spherical bearings are structural elements. Their inner ball is
firmly connected to the outer metal by means of a vulcanized elastomer
layer. Such joints are designed for multi-directional radial-axial &
torsional loads and, therefore, ideal as vibration-technological components
for joints and connecting rods. One major advantage is the fact
that all movements can be achieved without any lubricants. GMTSpherical
bearings can be made up of an inner pin / through hole as
well as of an outer socket consisting of one or several segments.

Steering rods and transverse links ensure power transmission in bogie/
chassis construction. Torque supports are used for bedding of
gearbox. GMT-Rods consist of several components. Rubber-to-metalbonded
bushes are pressed in the guiding rod. A guiding rod is positioned
between wheelset housing and bogie frame. A guiding rod ensures
transfer of longitudinal forces and transverse forces (for example
tractive force, braking force of locomotives as well as automatic guidance

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