Primary Spring systems

Primary Springs



GMT-Chevron springs are multipurpose vibration-reducing elements, the individual metals are firmly held together with vulcanized layers of elastomer.

Due to their simple installation and long lifespan, chevron springs are ideal for use in rail vehicles.

By selecting the angles and the number of intermediate spring links as well as the angles of the chevron springs to each other, three different spring stiffnesses can be produced, depending on the direction. Furthermore, the degree of stiffness can also be varied by selecting the geometric dimensions of the individual layers and the corresponding rubber quality.


GMT-Conical suspension springs are used e.g. as engine mountings, aggregate bearings and primary springs in railway vehicles. Being vibration insulators and dampers, conical springs allow a relatively considerable spring characteristic and have a progresssive curve. Buffers also help to absorb shock loads without causing damages to the part. If different degrees of stiffness are required in X and Y directions, uses elements with slots can be designed. 

GMT-Rolling rubber-springs

GMT-Rolling rubber-springs are vibration dampening elements consisting of a rubber ring, a tapering metal pin and a metal housing. Their metal parts and the rubber ring are assembled by a special process. 
Roller-springs are used for dampening vibrations in rail vehicles. The characteristics of roller-springs can be varied as required within their permissible capacity. 

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