We have primarily specialized in the so-called hand-crafted hoses in larger dimensions, eg from DN 50 mm and up to DN 600 mm. Our suppliers include Continental ContiTech

These hoses are delivered in a correct and finished manner, often in custom lengths, and provided with clutches, sleeves or end flanged ends, and the hoses can be used for lime, sand and gravel, oil and many other media.

We are very successful with our turbos and hose bends for the so-called Power Packs. We supply all hoses and silicone hoses etc.


We are distributors of the above mentioned brands in Denmark. Contact for sending brochures or advice.

Hose bends are applicable in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors and in the construction industry.

  • tissue-reinforced performances
  • Special features with extra expiration
  • suppression resistant variants with spring steel inserts
  • highly heat resistant silicone / Nomex finishes

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