WILLBRANDT Gummitechnik KG was founded in 1792 and can therefore celebrate the 125th anniversary here in 2017.
Of course that must be celebrated, so the German management had chosen to invite all employees in the WILLBRANDT Group to Hamburg for a weekend in September.

We were 8 employees from Denmark who had the opportunity to leave. It was a nice Saturday, with blue skies and not quite windy


In Hamburg we were all collected in buses at 3PM and drove around the city before we ended up at the new building that is being built close to the headquarters. The building is still under construction, but we got a tour of the premises while WILLBRANDT’s owner Olof Arndt told us about the plans for the different premises. Downstairs in the large warehouse there was a coffee cart in which you could have coffee, soda and cake.


After the tour we were taken by bus into town again, where we were put off at “Park Café Schöne Aussichten”. The weather in Hamburg was nice this Saturday, with almost 20 degree heat. In the cafe we were followed out on their terrace, and it quickly became clear why the cafe had got that name. From the terrace there was a very beautiful view over a botanical park. On the terrace we were invited to welcome drinks and there was a good opportunity to talk with colleagues from the other departments.


The evening offered delicious food in the buffet and dance and music from a very professional band from Hamburg.

It was a lovely weekend, with all the German colleagues who many people in the house are in contact with daily.

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